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Happy Birthday America!
Happy Birthday America!
Check out our patriotic hotties gallery!
Hotties Headlines
Super-Heroines Help Promote Breast Cancer Awareness
Check out these ads that have appeared in Mozambique featuring Wonder Woman, She Hulk, Storm and Catwoman giving themselves breast checks. They're...unusual!
Mighty Hotties - 12/14/2011
Happy Birthday America! - from
Our sexy sister site has put together a patriotic gallery for the fourth. There are even a few patriotic foreign hotties in there. Can spot the countries included along with the Americans?
Mighty Hotties - 7/4/2011
Is Anne Hathaway Sexy Enough To Be Nolan's New Catwoman!
Will she rock the tight leather outfit better then Michelle Pfeiffer did? From the looks of these pictures I say Yes!
jman1977 - 1/21/2011
Ex Transformers Hottie To Be New Armani Girl!
Megan Fox might be out of Transformers but the good girl gone wild has replaced Michael Bay with Georgio Armani!
jman1977 - 1/21/2011
Wonder Woman Stalls On Network TV.
Looks like it isn't happeing! But we still want to see Tanit Phoenix as Wonder Woman!
jman1977 - 1/10/2011
Epic Win Or Epic Fail?
You decide? Pictures were sent in to me from one of the Model's at Model Mayham that frequents!
jman1977 - 12/13/2010
Olivia Wilde Has Got Me Excited For Tron!
Emm emm! I love me some Olivia Wilde!
jman1977 - 11/4/2010
Emma Stone Should Have Been Mary Jane Watson!!
I Should be thanking the Hollywood Gods! My red headed dreams SHOULD have come true! Instead it's a Retraction!
jman1977 - 10/27/2010
Could Natalia Vodianova Have Been The Black Widow?
Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Oh well, here's to what might have happened! Thanks Happyslim!!!
jman1977 - 10/25/2010
Scarlett Johansson Chops Off Her Locks In Preparation For 'The Avengers'?
Who knows? Do you know? Maybe? But it sure as hell looks like it!
jman1977 - 10/22/2010
WEIRD BUT TRUE: Ever Wonder What Gwen Stacey Would Look Like In Real Life?
Or any ComicBookHottie for that matter. Wonder no more!
jman1977 - 10/20/2010
New Transformer 3 Pics Show Bay On Top Of Shia!
That sounds incredibly not interesting, none the less, here are the pics!
jman1977 - 10/7/2010
Video Shoot: The First Official Mighty Hottie!!
That's right boys. Koa-Marie Turner has been a Playboy Model, Wrestler, and now she has become the First Official Mighty Hottie!
jman1977 - 9/30/2010
J-Man Movie Review: 'Superman/Batman: Apocalypse'
I don't know how they do it? But to me these DC Animated Original Movies just keep getting better! Minor Spoilers! Plus Supergirl and Wonder Woman Galleries! What are you waiting for, get in here!
jman1977 - 9/30/2010
J-Man's Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife
Are the Special Effects as good as 'AVATAR'? Has Milla Jojovich somehow gotten hotter since the first installment of the hit Video Game turned Movie Franchise?
jman1977 - 9/10/2010
January Jones Makes it HOT in September!
Alice Eve is out as Emma Frost, January Jones is definitely in!
jman1977 - 9/10/2010
This 'Sucker Punch' Gallery is Barely Legal!!!
I bring to you, via, the hard ass girls of Zach Snyder's 'Sucker Punch'! In all their eye raising Glory! Plus new 'Sucker Punch' character pictures!
jman1977 - 9/3/2010
Natalie Portman Rocks Out Thor, The God of Thunder!
You asked for it Comic Book Movie Maniacs, now you got it! Come inside and check out Natalie Portman's tasteful yet satisfying gallery.
jman1977 - 8/30/2010
Haley Atwell Makes Captain America Look Good!
That's a tough thing to say when your a full grown Male who loves beautiful Women. But hey, truth is truth!
jman1977 - 8/13/2010
Sarah Harding Makes Me Hard Man!
This beautiful Vixen has had two auditions for Matthew Vaughn's 'X-Men: First Class', so, to show our support for Ms. Harding to land any kind of role in 'X-Men: First Class' a Gallery has been created over at!
jman1977 - 8/11/2010
Blake Lively's Smile Is Epic!
And if you think her smile is Epic you should check out what else I found at ComicBookHotties that is even better!
jman1977 - 8/6/2010
2010 SDCC Cosplay Hotties! All of them!
Check out over 150 pics of the Hotties that lit up the 2010 San Diego Comi-Con!!!
jman1977 - 8/2/2010
Editorial: Is the New Wonder Woman Costume Designed For An Upcoming Movie?
As bad as the new costume looks I certainly hope not! Plus Take a look at Linda Carter's Wonder Woman Gallery over at!
jman1977 - 7/22/2010
Jennifer Lawrence Talks Mystique!
Jennifer Lawrence is hot, OK! That's just the way it is. And I, for one, can't wait till I catch a glimpse of her in that skin tight blue skin that Rebecca Romijn Stamos so gracefully fullfilled in the 3 previous X flicks.
jman1977 - 7/22/2010
New Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer and Images!
Pop a cap into the best Video Game Franchise turned into a Movie Franchise ever! Oh yeah and don't forget to check out the ever sexy Milla Jovovich! Can You Deal With That!
jman1977 - 6/24/2010 Comic Book Hotties

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